Adult Martial Arts Training in Bellevue

Tired of being out of shape, unfocused or unmotivated?  Need some inspiration and change?
Then read how we help people make positive changes in their lives.

If You Want to Build Your Confidence, Focus and Discipline… While Getting into the Greatest Shape Possible and Learning Martial Arts – Then the Academy of Kempo  Martial Arts Just Might be for You


Maybe you want to tone up and get in great shape. You can do it while learning something that can enrich your life. Meanwhile, you’ll be having an exciting and fun time. If this is something you’re looking for, you’ve found the right place.

For Adults ONLY!!

Adult Martial Arts Training

The Bellevue Martial Arts Academy offers a special Adults Only program, developed for adults of all ages, and men and women alike are welcome.  From our specialized private lessons to our fitness and self defense classes, you will see improvement in yourself every lesson and every class you attend.

It doesn’t matter your experience – we’ll still help you develop better physical fitness, expertise, and skills in martial arts and self defense. You’ll learn an excellent self defense system in classes that are fun and packed full of excitement and action.  All in a safe and friendly environment.

What You’ll Enjoy in Private Lesson?

Each private lesson is geared to the individual, one size does not fit all.  Your instructor will work with you one-on-one to help keep you inspired and moving forward.  In each lesson you will enjoy the following:

  • Full time professional teacher – Our instructors are not only martial artist but excellent teachers as well.  They are trained to get the best results for their students.
  • Individualized training sessions – Each person is different and should not all be treated the same.  Some learn fast others slow and should not be taught the same.
  • Friendly and non threatening learning environment – It’s about improving yourself and being the best you can be, not competing or showing off.
  • Flexible hours – book your lessons around your schedule – All lessons are booked according to your needs.  Monday through Friday 11:30 a.m. until 9:30 p.m.
  • Both Afternoon or Evening lessons

What You’ll Enjoy in EVERY Class?

Adult Martial Arts TrainingIn each class, you’ll enjoy the following:

  • Both anaerobic and aerobic elements
  • Conditioning and stretching exercises
  • Self defense that is practical (It will really work in the real world)
  • Exciting and FUN!

Aren’t These Skills You WANT?

No doubt you’ve seen martial arts in many forums, from television to the internet. It’s almost everywhere today. Maybe you’ve seen these skills and always wanted to learn them for yourself so you are able to defend yourself and those you love.

While our students probably won’t ever have to use the skills they learn at the Bellevue Martial Arts Academy, they have the CONFIDENCE that if they have to, they are equipped to protect themselves from danger. Does this sound like something you want? You can have it with our excellent curriculum!

A Unique Self Defense System

The program we teach to adults is a unique self defense system and very versatile and effective. It incorporates  everything from standing, using your arms and legs, to lock traps and throws.  As well as flying and ground techniques.  Just in case you are ever taken down to the ground, you should know how to deal with it. This way, if there is something you can’t do in the art, say flying, you won’t be left out because there are so many things to choose from that you will still be successful here.

AdultBasic1For more than 2000 years, martial arts have been around. Started in China as Kung-Fu then moving around the world, many forms of martial arts have evolved from the original.  You now have Karate, Tai Chi, Judo, Jujitsu, just to name a few.  However, the founders of this art had a much bigger purpose in mind for their training.  It was all about longevity and health.  Self defense, of course, being an important byproduct of their training, but not the sole purpose. Obliviously defending oneself had a direct relationship to longevity. If learning to fight is your sole purpose, then you are leaving so much more on the table.

If  it was just about self defense, then the art would most likely of died out over the centuries.  But in fact, they have flourished.  When the focus of the art is in building a better character and living a life of excellence, keeping your mind and body in the best shape while achieving goals, is it any wonder?.

Will It Work in a Real Life Situation?

“It doesn’t matter if you’re small or if your attacker is a lot larger than you are.”

“It doesn’t matter if your attacker is unarmed or armed”

Our training will teach you what to do with a step by step approach that will help you to render your attacker ineffective, protecting yourself and others.

Not only is our martial arts training going to entirely change your life for the better – it may also be what SAVES your life some day!

Bellevue Martial Arts provide something for everybody. No matter your age, your level of fitness, or your skills, you’ll find our training relevant to you. Why not start today – pick up the phone and get on your way to your first session.

A Top Quality Staff

Great training can only come from incredible instructors, and we offer a top quality staff that will impress you.

circle zenEach trainer has been trained professionally so they are qualified to teach you martial arts. Not only is every person on our staff a professional martial artist, but each person is passionate about teaching you and enabling you to reach those goals you have set for yourself. Safety is a top priority and our staff members teach things safety and in a way that you can learn fast while avoiding injury and getting in the BEST SHAPE of YOUR LIFE!

Students that we’ve already trained here at Bellevue’s Academy of Kempo Martial Arts are constantly telling us how quickly they have seen results. They boast about boosts in their SELF ESTEEM, SELF WORTH, SELF DISCIPLINE, and they find that they are constantly improving in their martial arts training as well as in all areas of their life.

Our students tell us that they also develop a spirit that is indomitable, which not only helps them while practicing martial arts, but that helps them become more successful in every area of their lives – at home, work, school, and more.


Deciding to get training in martial arts is a huge decision. However, you already know that this could be the best decision you’ll make in your life. No matter your goal, whether you want to get in shape, achieve a Black Belt, or simply be better able to protect yourself, those goals can be met here with our adult martial arts program.

We’ve already seen many great success stories go through our classes. We want YOU to be the next SUCCESS STORY! We’re ready for you – ready to help you meet your goals. Give us a call today and let us help you meet those goals. We’ll be happy to help you get involved with the FREE PRE-EVALUATION  to qualify you for classes and design just the right program for you.

Note that you pay nothing for the pre-evaluation, so there’s nothing to lose here – but there’s definitely a lot for you to gain.

We’re waiting to hear from YOU TODAY!

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