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Bellevue Martial Arts Class Training Self Defense

Adult Students Enjoy Greater Fitness, Focus and Self Confidence in Every Class

Our Purpose Is…
To inspire our students to master themselves, to believe in themselves, accomplish more than they ever thought they could by utilizing the values of traditional martial arts in every aspect of their lives.

~Inspiring Change through Martial Arts~

Do you want to learn Martial Arts, get fit with safe training alternatives, without getting bored or burned out? Then the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts is the place for you.  

Bellevue Martial Arts Academy

Offers both adults and kids instruction.  Specializing in Private One-on-One Instruction for adults and action packed fun classes for kids.

We teach Shaolin Kung-Fu, Kempo Martial Arts, Youth Karate Classes, Meditation, Chinese’s Yoga and more. We even have a specialized Kid’s Martial Arts program which focuses on character development, fitness and self protection.

Our Bellevue school also offers private self defense lessons and fitness courses.  Large training area.  Private training rooms.  Locker rooms with showers.  And professional teachers.  No matter what you’re trying to get from a fitness or martial arts program, you’ll find it here for the whole family at AKMA.

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Character Development and Leadership is a Big Part of Our Youth Program. It’s Not all About Kicking and Punching.

Your training will be in a safe and friendly environment. When you become a member of the school, you’re part of the family. We work together to achieve your training objectives in a systematic and disciplined way. We encourage and support each other in achieving our personal training goals.  Everything we do is positive and motivational.  Nobody is left behind.

We encourage a fun and noncompetitive environment where you  will be excited and inspired to keep coming back. You’ll meet like minded people who share the same healthy lifestyle goals as you do.  Gaining new friends along the way to better health.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1,2,3,4!

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If you are considering training for you or your family, we offer an easy, no pressure, fun way to see for yourself why so many people choose Academy of Kempo Martial Arts for their training.

  1.  Fill out our Free Trial Coupon below.
  2.   Hit Send.
  3. Then we will contact you to set up a time to speak with one of our program specialist to schedule your free pre-evaluation. This ensures that we design the right program for you.
  4. Then we offer you a trial program for 69.95  that gives you 2 private lessons and 2 skill development classes with a free martial arts uniform. Depending on the results of your pre-evaluation your instructor can suggest changes to the trial program to best fit your needs.  This way you get a chance to try your program out to make sure it is the right fit for  you.

What have you got to loose. Fill out the form below or just give us a call today. We can’t wait to meet you.  425-881-1550 

Why Free?  What’s the Catch?

Let’s first explain why we offer a free pre-evaluation. Not only is it important to pick the right school, it is important to make sure you have a program that fits  your needs.  Most martial arts facilities throw you into a group class and let  you find your own way. Our process is different and we feel you need to have a chance to try it out to know what we really have to offer for you. All of us have different body types and we learn differently.

Where kids benefit from group environments to develop their social skills, however, it must be a positive skill and age appropriate environment in order for them to get what they need to grow.

For our adults, we believe they benefit best from one on one instruction along with group, to make sure they get the best out of their training. We will find out about your fitness goals, your condition, your ability to learn, your current fitness and of course your attitude.  With a good attitude you can learn most anything. Are you ready to make a healthy change in your life today?

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So before you decide to try Academy of Kempo Martial Arts out answer the following questions.  If you answer yes to more than half, then you might be a good candidate and have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  1. Do you have at least 6 months to commit to yourself for training?
  2. Are you looking for Supportive environment to help motivate and challenge me?
  3. Are you looking to relieve some of the stress in your life?
  4. Are you looking to make a healthy change mentally and physically?
  5. Can you train 2 or more times a week?
  6. Will you practice what you learn?

If the answer is yes to at least three or four of these questions, then no matter your age or the condition you are in, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain by trying a class out today.